Rotajet manufactures a full range of ATEX washers from single and continuous drum washers, IBC washers, mixing pan cleaning, and container washing systems. The machinery can be designed to remove both aqueous and solvent based contaminants.

Washing containers with solvents is an extremely hazardous process and, as such, its use in industry applications is heavily regulated. All equipment used in solvent decontamination must be protected against explosions in order to comply with the EU’s ATEX Directive.

Rotajet assure the safety of your operators by producing ATEX-certified container washing equipment for the removal of inks, paints, oils and grease from dirty vessels. Each of our machines quickly and easily cleans and repurposes mixing vessels, allowing you to increase your throughput rate and thereby your profit margins. To wash containers with water-based detergent, please visit

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Our work is now internationally recognised in over 20 countries worldwide and thanks to our dedication and reliability our network is constantly expanding.

Single stage drum washer contaminated with solvents
Stainless Steel IBC washing
Side view of a front loading spray washer

Drum Washers

IBC Washers

Pail Washers

Pan washer for paint decontamination
Machine parts being decontaminated in ATEX washer

Rotajet can help

Remove contaminants and ensure a repeatable product quality

Automate your decontamination process with our integrated processing plants

At Rotajet we are certified to produce ATEX cleaning solutions for use with oil based contaminants 

Get in touch with our dedicated team for more information on our specialised ATEX product range. 

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Why should you work with Rotajet Systems Ltd.

We lead the way in innovation, design and manufacturing across the industry because we put your needs first. From delivering individual technical advice to fast reliable fulfillment, we put our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do.