Paint buckets decontaminated in an atex container washer

Buckets and Pail Washing Systems

Rotajet Systems manufacture a range of pail washing systems and bucket washing systems. For small quantities of pails and buckets, Rotajet manufacture stand alone batch washing machines, the machines can be supplied as single stage or multistage washing systems which will wash, rinse and dry the buckets and pails. For large quantities of buckets and pails, Rotajet manufactured continuous pail washing systems and continuous bucket washing systems. 

The continuous washing systems are fitted with a conveyor in which the buckets and pails are transported through the required washing stages. Depending on the requirement, the continuous pail washers and continuous bucket washers can be just washed, or washed, rinsed and dried. 

Rotajet systems manufacture a full range of machinery for washing and cleaning buckets and pails, the machines can be used with either heated detergent or manufactured to Atex standards for use with solvents.

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