Mixing Pan Washers - Brush System

Gemini VW Pan Washers

Mixing pan washers fitted with brushes are the ideal way of decontaminating vessels that are heavily contaminated with paints and inks, including viscous products. Once the mixing vessel is located approximately.

The Gemini VW series of pan washers are suitable for washing a wide range of open topped vessels as well as 200L drums. These machines are utilised by the surface coating industry across the world to reliably clean coatings from mixing vessels.

Once the vessel is in approximately the right position, the vessel is locked and covered to ensure complete safety of the operators during use. Once the interlocks are engaged the wash cycle is initiated through a two-handed operation.

The vessel is washed through use of a recirculated solvent as well as the physical impingement of the rotating brushes. The brushes can be supplied with different qualities (e.g. Stainless Steel or PE) depending on the type of contamination present.

Once the cycle is completed, the vessel is tilted to facilitate drainage and then the fumes are extracted from the vessel prior to the container being released.

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ATEX Container Washing

Rotajet produces a full range of machines to wash drums, IBCs, containers, pans, and parts. The video below shows the machinery in this range. 

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