Mixing Vessel Washers

Mixing vessel washers allow paint and ink manufacturers to increase their production speed, reduce labour spends and protect their workforce from contact with hazardous substances, all whilst making their business more sustainable.

Brush Washer

Spray Washer

To allow us to offer complete solutions for any application, we offer two distinct varieties of mixing vessel washers. Both styles of washers utilise chemical action as a critical energy for cleaning, however, the machinery differs in the secondary energy source. 

In the RJ-PW series, cleaning is achieved through the physical impingement of the specially designed spray jetting. In comparison, Gemini mixing vessel washers utilising rotating brushes to remove the contamination.

Mixing vessel washers are a crucial process to remove expensive manual cleaning processes during the manufacture of paints and inks. As many paints are made using solvents, our pan washers are available in accordance with the ATEX directive. This leaves our customers reassured that your workforce is safe from contact with hazardous substances and the risk of ignition is eliminated.

Mixing Vessels

Mixing vessels are available in a wide range of sizes and design to account for the wide range of requirements across the industry. The paint is mixed to the desired specification and decanted into smaller containers. Once this is complete, the mixing vessel must be washed prior to the production of the next to prevent cross contamination and ensure the quality remains consistent.

Our standard machinery is designed to cope with most mixing vessels that are currently in use across the industry. If your selection happens to fall outside the specifications offered, just speak to our team as our pan washers can be designed to handle all vessel sizes.

Cleaning in the Surface Coating Industry

Thanks to the innovation across the sector, production of surface coatings is a critical sector for many different industries. Without the manufacture of specialist coatings many heavy industries would simply not be able to operate including maritime, aerospace, and automotive.

The rich variety of surface coating solutions naturally leads to a huge range in the makeup of the final product. This presents problems for cleaning vessels, leading to the wide use of solvents and other expensive cleaning liquors. As such, cost efficiency and sustainability are very difficult challenges.

At Rotajet, we ensure that every machine we provide is designed with longevity of both the equipment and the cleaning liquor in mind. Each of our machines is manufactured with a closed loop solvent recirculation system. This is complete with filtration to ensure that the wash liquor remains suitable for use for as long as possible. Reducing your consumable spend, reducing your downtime and reducing your environmental impact.

Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create intuitive systems to wash all types of containers in use across the surface coating industry.