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New Machinery


In addition to the standard machines we also manufacture bespoke systems for customers that want to incorporate a full reprocessing system.

Rotajet Atex Tote and IBC washer 
ATEX Washing Machines
Small Container Wash at Rotajet 
Small Container Washing
Rotajet PW1200 cleaning UV ink mixing vessels 
Pan Washing Machines
Rotajet D60-dwf combined drum and IBC washing machine 
Drum Washing Machines
Rotajet IBC washing station 
IBC Washing Machines
Electric Rotating Washing Nozzle RJ-E200 
Container Washing Nozzles



Or, you can also have a quick look below:

Rotajet IBC / Tote Washers

Rotajet manufacture the IW range of IBC / Tote washing machines for water based washing of IBC and washing Totes, for these machines we have a dedicated website.

Rotajet manufacture a range of batch IBC washing machines for use with water based detergents. The machines are available with single stage wash or multiply