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ATEX Drum Washing Machines


  Rotajet Atex drum washers and Atex barrel washers

Rotajet ATEX Drum Washing Machines

Rotajet Atex drum washer TL-55 Rotajet Atex drum washing machine being loaded Rotajet Atex drum washer for 55 gallon drums


Rotajet manufacture the TL-DR-55 Atex for washing 55 gallon and washing 205 litre drums and smaller open top containers.  The machine will process one container per cycle and typically washes a drum in a cycle time of around 5 minutes.

The machine is fitted with an integral solvent sump, coarse filtration, cycle timers, wash pump, clean out doors, extraction and is fully interlocked when cycles are running.
The machine is typically supplied to coatings manufacturers and is used for solvent washing mixing containers or decontamination of drums and barrels prior to disposal.

Most of the users of our machines are:

  • Paint manufactures:  solvent washing paint from drums and barrels (Atex certified)
  • Ink manufacturers:  solvent washing ink from drums and barrels (Atex certified)
  • Printing companies: solvent washing ink pots and tubs


Rotajet Atex drum washer x4