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ATEX Parts Washers


Rotajet Atex parts washers for cleaning machinery parts

Rotajet ATEX Parts Washers

Rotajet manufacture a range of Atex Parts washing machines.  There are 8 machines in the range with the smallest being the D24 Atex, this machine will process parts upto 600mm square. The largest is the D108 Atex, this machine will accept parts upto 2800mm square. Rotajet also manufacturers bespoke Atex washers for washing long thin parts.

Rotajet D60 Atex parts washer   Rotajet D60 Atex parts washing machine


The Atex parts washing can be supplied as single stage or two stage machines, where the second stage users clean solvent for the final rinse. Typically in a two stage Atex machine the final rinse solvent is discharge into the wash solvent for reuse. The dirty solvent in the wash tank, when spent is normally pumped out and processed in a distillation unit prior to being reused.

The machine can be fitted with either low pressure fluid driven Atex Certified Rotating spray nozzles (5-7 BAR).
The Rotajet Atex parts washers and Bucket washers are fitted with an integral solvent sump, coarse filtration, cycle timers, wash pump, clean out doors, extraction and is fully interlocked when cycles are running.

The machine can also be used for washing machine parts and other items as below:

  • Mixing heads
  • Triple roller mill chutes
  • Printing press parts washing
  • Doctor blades washing
  • Hose washing
  • Press cylinders washing
  • Plate washing
  • Anilox & Gravure Roller washing

The users of our machines are:

  • Paint manufactures:  solvent washing machine parts, valves and mixing heads contaminated with paint.
  • Ink manufacturers:  solvent washing machine parts, valves and mixing heads contaminated with ink.
  • Printing companies: solvent washing, press parts, plate washing, press cylinders, anilox and gravure roller cleaning.