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Rotajet manufacture pan washing and mixing vessel washing machine for ink manufacturer.

Rotajet Systems Limited, have recently manufactured and installed another pan washing system into UV ink producer. This is the second machine supplied to the customer; the second machine is required for increased throughput requirements. The machine

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Rotajet supplies machine to paint manufacturer for washing mixing vessels and drums

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently manufactured and supplied a Rotajet D60-dw to a industrial paint manufacturer based in London. The machine is a used for washing 1500 litre mixing vessels, washing open top 45 gallon drums, washing open top 5

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Rotajet installs D60 washer to Gel coat and Polyester laquer manufacturer

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently manufactured and installed a Rotajet D60-dwf washing machine to a polyester gel coat, PVA release agents, polyester laquer and polyester mastics manufacture based in Birmingham, England. The machine is used for

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Rotajet Helps Cutting VOCs in Paint and Ink Manufacturers

Rotajet industrial cleaning systems are the ideal way to cut VOC use, helping small to medium sized companies to reduce their solvent costs by anywhere between £5,000 and £20,000 a year. For larger companies the savings are even more substantial,

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How Does Rotajet Machinery Help to Shorten Washing Times of Ink Contaminated Pans from 2 Hours to Only 15 Minutes

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently manufactured and installed a RJ PW1500 Large Pan Washing Machine in a UK based manufacturer of UV inks.

The machine is used for washing, rinsing and drying ink contaminated mixing pans / containers prior to

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