ATEX Container washer

ATEX Container Washer

ATEX container washing and degreasing for buckets, pails and tins

The RJ-D60 ATEX will efficiently decontaminate up to 9 pails per batch in one simple operation. The optional washing features and stages allows you to adjust the washing process so, your Rotajet machine is fully optimised to meet your specific application.

Our machinery is manufactured to ATEX regulation standard

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How does the Atex Container washer work?

Firstly, containers are easily loaded into the machine using the simple basket and roller track mechanism. Then, once loaded the machine will start its cycle controlled by the control panel. Contamination is blasted away using either:

  • A low-pressure fluid driven ATEX Certified Rotating spray nozzles (5-7 BAR)

  • An  ATEX certified high-pressure driven nozzles (100-170 BAR)

In addition to the pressure nozzles, chemical dosing and temperature control is available to ensure full coverage decontamination.

Not just for pails..

This machine is also suitable for washing a range of contaminated equipment such as:

  • 20 Litre Tin Washing
  • 1 Litre Tin Washing
  • Hose Washing
  • Pump Washing
  • Set Washing 
  • Parts Washing
  • Can Washing
  • Food Containers Washing
  • Print Parts Washing
  • 5 Litre Tin Washing 
  • Mixer Blade Washing


Paint bucket and pail atex certified washer
ATEX Container washing loading

Depending on your application the RJ-D60 is available in a single stage and two stage wash. In a two-stage ATEX machine, the final rinse solvent is discharged into the wash solvent for reuse. Then, The dirty solvent in the wash tank, when spent, is normally pumped out and processed in a distillation unit prior to being reused.

To ensure the safety of your operator, the machine is fully interlocked when cycles are running.

Containers are loaded into the machine using the sliding basket so loading is simple

Common Customers:

ATEX Paint washing
ATEX resin washing
ATEX ink washing

Solvent washing paint or raw materials from buckets or pails for reuse or decontamination prior to disposal of hazardous waste containers.

With adjustable chemical dosing and temperature control, the RJ-D60 ATEX can wash and decontaminate containers  containing hazardous resin materials

Decontamination of hazardous waste containers prior to disposal. Once cleaned the containers can be crushed and sold as scrap.

For more information about the machine, using the machine in your facility, costs and pricing, request a quote below:

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Container washing

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