ATEX Pan Washers

It is essential that mixing pans are thoroughly decontaminated and cleaned to prevent cross-contamination and to ensure consistent quality of product. Our Rotajet pan washers wash vessels both internally and externally for an ATEX safe environment.

ATEX Pan Washing Solutions

Rotajet manufacture Pan Washing machinery in compliance with ATEX safety regulations. This means that our machines are suitable to process a wide range of contaminations from paints to chemicals. 

These machines typically use a heated alkaline detergent to wash the vessels. After caustic washing the vessels are then rinsed with water and flash dried to be put back into production. This ensures a thorough high standard clean in preparation to be re-used for a new batch of ink, paint or product to be mixed.

How does the Vessel washer operate?

These machines are designed to be easy to operate while delivering fantastic results. Load, Clean, Dry.

First, the contaminated vessel is wheeled or loaded onto the Rotajet PW1500 vessel washer. Following that the operator then closes the interlocked safety door. This allows the vessel to be raised into the cleaning position and also closes and seals the door for safety.

Once in position, the operator starts the washing cycle. The initial wash stage uses a heated (65-70°C) alkaline detergent to remove the surface contamination from the mixing vessel; the typical cycle time is around 10 minutes for standard paints and inks. For harder to clean contamination, butyl, glycols or dibasic esters can be used to increase the cleaning performance of the washing media.

The wash solution is held in a 2000 litre conical tank located at the rear of the machine. When the washing cycle is taking place, the used wash solution is filtered and returned to the wash storage tank for reuse in the Rotajet vessel washing machine.

After the wash cycle, the machine automatically rinses the vessels using a water rinse; this removes any caustic residues that may be present. The rinse solution is stored in a 1500 litre conical tank at the rear of the machine. The used rinse solution is filtered and returned to the storage tank for reuse in the Rotajet vessel washing machine. PH probes can be added to the storage tank to monitor pH.

After the wash and rinse cycle, the extraction fan on the Rotajet vessel washing machine engages and the vessel flash dries. The vessel is automatically lowered and the operator removes the clean dry vessel and replaces it with a contaminated one, and starts the cycle again.

Common Applications:

ATEX Paint washing
ATEX ink washing
ATEX resin washing

Paint Manufacturers

Ink manufacturers

Resin Manufacturers

Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of ATEX cleaning solutions. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create intuitive systems to repurpose, repair and manufacture metal and plastic components.

ATEX Pan Washing

Rotajet produces a full range of ATEX machinery for washing parts, pans, and containers. The video below shows some of the machinery in the Rotajet ATEX machinery range.

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