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How Rotajet Atex Drum Washers Make The Process of Washing Drums Contaminated With Paint Fully Automatic and Safe For Health

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently manufactured and installed a Rotajet D40 Atex drum washing machine to a large paint manufacturer.

The company producers solvent based paints for the automotive industry. Due to the large number of colours manufactured and small batch sizes the paint are mixed in open top 200 litre drums. After each batch the drums have to fully cleaned and free from paint prior to mixing a new batch.

Before the introduction of the Rotajet D40 Atex drum washer, the containers were cleaned by pre-soaking with solvent for a number of hours and then manually cleaned using brushes and solvent, the process was slow, achieved mixed results and the operator had to wear breathing apparatus. The Rotajet D40 drum washing system is a fully automated enclosed washing process and once loaded the operator is free to perform other tasks. Since the introduction, the customer has reported a 60% reduction in solvent use, cleaner drums and a faster turnaround of drums allowing drum numbers to be reduced on site.

Due to the nature of the solvent being used, the Rotajet D40 drum washing system is certified under regulations as Zone 1, the machine is fully air operated and purges the washing chamber of any solvent vapour prior to being opened. Rotajet Systems manufacture a range of drum washing and mixing pan washing machines for the surface coatings industry. The machines can be manufactured for use with solvents or heated water based detergents.