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Rotajet Atex drum and Barrel Washers

Rotajet Systems manufacture a full range of Atex Drum washers and Atex Barrel washers, the machines are by used by ink, paint and waste companies. Many paint and ink manufacturers are supplied raw materials in drums and barrels, once these containers are empty; they are normally disposed off as hazardous waste, with many sent to incinerators, because of the small amounts of raw materials they still contain. Depending on the nature of the chemicals remaining and the number of drums and barrels, many paint and ink companies are solvent cleaning these containers prior disposal. The drums and barrels can then be sold to drum reconditioning companies and reused. Rotajet manufacture a range of solvent washer machines, the machines are fitted with internal sumps, high pressure pumps, filtration and loading systems. If you have specific solvent cleaning requirement for barrels and drums,  please do not hesitate to contact us.