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Rotajet Helps Cutting VOCs in Paint and Ink Manufacturers

Rotajet industrial cleaning systems are the ideal way to cut VOC use, helping small to medium sized companies to reduce their solvent costs by anywhere between £5,000 and £20,000 a year. For larger companies the savings are even more substantial, running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. What these savings mean for Rotajet users is fast payback with subsequent savings boosting profitability by going straight to a company’s bottom line.

Current UK legislation demands the control of emissions from VOCs such as acetone, trichloroethylene, isopropyl, alcohol methyl ethyl ketone, and white spirit, all of which are commonly used in industry for processes such as degreasing, thinning and dissolving. In addition, VOCs are also found in certain substances such as paints, inks and adhesives.

Replacing these solvents in industrial processes is not always easy, but Rotajet is providing an effective alternative with its large range of standard – and bespoke - multi-stage cleaning machines for the washing and rinsing of containers and machinery parts, used in the ink, paint, adhesive and chemical industries. Rotajet machines use water-based chemicals, overcoming the problem of using VOCs on-site.

The machines have fully programmable cycles, which can be changed according to the type of contamination being removed. Once programmed the washing process is fully automatic, and is carried out in a closed system, thus minimising health and safety issues. The washing process is highly efficient, employing an operating principle where cleaning solutions are pumped at high pressure and flow through multiple knife jets to achieve total coverage of the containers. The used solution is then returned to recirculating sumps to be filtered, which helps to extend the life of the fluid and the machine’s mechanical parts. The filtered fluid is then heated ready for re-use.

To illustrate the effectiveness of Rotajet process, a standard Rotajet D60-dw Multistage Washing Machine will wash and rinse x4 contaminated 200 litre drums usually in a cycle time of around 20 minutes, depending upon the level of contamination. The Standard D60-dw machine can also be used for cleaning 5, 10, 25, 50, 60 and 100 litre pre-weigh / or small batch containers. Moreover, after cleaning, the drums can be re-used or crushed and sold as scrap metal rather then being sent to expensive landfill as hazardous waste.

Optimised cycle times of around 15-20 minutes are also provided by Rotajet’s Pan Washing Machines. These are used for cleaning pans without bottom outlet valves in weights up to 1000-kilograms. Used mainly in the ink and paint industries, the pans are cleaned using rotating high pressure knife jets in a two stage machine with initial wash and rinse cycles. The system is fully enclosed and once loaded the process is fully automated.


Rotajet provides full turnkey packages across its range of drum, pan, IBC and tank washers. This includes design and manufacture of the machines themselves, water-based chemicals, guarding, transportation to site, installation and commissioning. The company also provides bespoke designs to customer specifications; this includes stainless steel pan washers for the food industry.