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Rotajet installs D60 washer to Gel coat and Polyester laquer manufacturer

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently manufactured and installed a Rotajet D60-dwf washing machine to a polyester gel coat, PVA release agents, polyester laquer and polyester mastics manufacture based in Birmingham, England. The machine is used for washing mixing vessels, mixing pans, open top drums and small containers prior to mixing new batches or disposal of the contaminated containers. Prior to the machine being installed the customer used a Dibasic ester for the cleaning of the mixing vessels and machine parts, this was not only expensive but also left oily residues on the components after cleaning which then had to be removed manually with cloths. The new machine uses a heated Rotajet based detergent and water, the dirty components are loaded onto the work basket and the door is closed. Once the cycle is started the machine automatically runs through the cleaning cycle, at the end of the cycle the operator removes the clean dry vessels or components which go back into to production. To wash a mixing vessel / container typically takes 15-20 minutes; previously the cleaning would take one operative up to 1 hour. Rotajet Systems machine a range of machine for washing and cleaning mixing pans used in the ink, paint and surface coatings industries. The washing machines can be manufactured for use with water based detergents or Atex solvent based washing machines. In addition to the vessel washing and pan washing machines, Rotajet also manufacture a range of smaller washing machines for washing press parts used in the printing industries, again these can be manufactured as water based press parts washers or Atex press parts washers. If you have any questions or specific cleaning requirements, please contact us.