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Rotajet manufacture Atex drum washer for Hazardous Waste Company

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed an Atex D60 drum washing machine in a hazardous waste company. The machine is used for washing and decontaminating drums and barrels prior to refilling. The Rotajet D60 Atex barrel washer is fitted with wash and rinse sumps, the sumps are fitted with pumps which pump the filtered cleaning solvent to the drum washing nozzles. The machine uses a low flash point to remove any bitumen or heavy fuel residues from the internals and externals of the drums and barrels. After a period of time the cleaning solvent becomes fully saturated with oils and bitumen etc... and the cleaning performance rapidly reduces, once this occurs the solvent is pumped out of the sump and sent for Cemfuel use. Rotajet manufacturers a full range of solvent washing machines used for solvent washing drums, solvent washing Barrels, solvent washing pails and buckets, solvent washing Totes and IBC`s. If you have any container cleaning requirement using solvent, please do not hesitate to contact us.