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Rotajet manufacture Atex drum washer for UK paint manufacturer

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently installed a Atex container washing machine at a UK based paint manufacturer, the machine is used for cleaning a variety of containers from 25 litres to 205 litre open top barrels prior to refilling. The machine uses MEK as the cleaning solvent. Prior to the installation of the Rotajet solvent washing machine, the containers were cleaned out by operators; this was not only labour intensive, but also required the operator to wear self contained breathing apparatus. The Rotajet Atex solvent washer is fitted with particle filtration which filters the solvent prior to reuse, this not only increases the working life of the solvent, but also ensures the spray nozzles and pumps are kept free of foreign particles. Rotajet manufacture a range of Atex washing machinery used in the paint, ink and surface coatings industries. The solvent washing machines are generally used for washing paint mixing vessels, washing ink mixing vessels, washing mobile mixing vessels, washing Totes and washing smaller drums and containers.