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Rotajet manufacture pan washing and mixing vessel washing machine for ink manufacturer.

Rotajet Systems Limited, have recently manufactured and installed another pan washing system into UV ink producer. This is the second machine supplied to the customer; the second machine is required for increased throughput requirements. The machine uses a Rotajet developed heated caustic based detergent to wash and rinse the containers internally and externally. The Rotajet PW1200 is a fully enclosed automated mixing pan washing and vessel washing machine. The mixing pans or vessels are loaded onto the machines loading platform that also acts as a closing lid. Once locked in place the mixing pans are lifted into position using two hydraulic rams, once in the position the mixing vessel is washed at an angle of 15o, this angle ensures complete drainage is achieved.

The Rotajet PW1200 pan washing and mixing vessel washing machine is fitted with a internal rotating spray that rotates around the vessels while delivery heated washing detergent. The spray bar on the Rotajet PW1200 pan washing machine is fitted with 45o knife jets located to ensure any outlet valves are cleaned.

The pan washing machine is fitted with internal recirculating wash and rinse tanks, once the cleaning solution has been used, it`s returned to the holding tank for reheating and filtering prior to reuse. The latent heat from the cleaning solution, heats the mixing vessel while the washing processes takes place. Once the cleaning cycle is finished, the extraction fan is engaged to remove air steam from the wash chamber and also flash dry the mixing vessels.


Rotajet manufacture a range of washing equipment for the ink and paint manufacturing industries, the machinery includes, pail washers, buckets washers, drum washers, IBC washers, mixing vessel washers and machinery parts washers. The machinery can be manufactured either for use with solvents (Atex) or use with water based detergents