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Rotajet Manufacture Single Position IBC Washer, Ideal For Low Volume IBC Cleaning in the Surface Coatings Industry.

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently manufactured a IBC washing station designed for use in low volume IBC cleaning applications.

The system can be used as either cold or hot IBC washer. If detergents are required, these can be injected directly into the IBC cleaning fluid, which enables IBC`s to be washed and rinsed in one a single IBC washing station.

Rotajet fit the IBC washing station with an electric powered or fluid powered IBC cleaning nozzle which Rotates 360°. If external washing is required, the IBC wash station can also be fitted with an external lance that allows the operator to clean the IBC externally.

The Rotajet IBC wash station is a modular unit, in which additional IBC washing stations, as well as IBC drying stations and IBC pressure testing stations can be added.

Rotajet also manufacture a range of pan washing and vessel washing cleaning machines used throughout the surface coatings industry.  The machines can be manufactured for use with flammable solvents (Atex washing machines) or heated detergents solutions.

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