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Rotajet refurbished pan washing machine available

Rotajet Systems Limited, have available a Renzmann Pan washing machine, the Renzmann washing machine was removed from a paint manufacturer and requires refurbishment. The Renzmann washer is a water based non-Atex model for use with heated caustic cleaning solutions. The Renzmann washing machine was manufactured in 2003, the main body of the washing is in good condition, but requires new solution holding tanks. In addition to the Renzmann pan washing machine we also have available a Renzmann brush washing machine and Renzmann distillation unit, both units were removed from a paint company which was closed down, both machines are for use with solvent.

Rotajet Systems, manufacture a range of pan washing machines, and container washing systems used in the paint and ink industries. If you have any specific cleaning requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.