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Rotajet supplies machine to paint manufacturer for washing mixing vessels and drums

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently manufactured and supplied a Rotajet D60-dw to a industrial paint manufacturer based in London. The machine is a used for washing 1500 litre mixing vessels, washing open top 45 gallon drums, washing open top 5 gallon pails and associated machinery parts. The machine uses a heated caustic and benzyl alcohol solution for washing containers contaminated with both water based and solvent based paint. Before the machine was installed containers were first initially stripped using a methylene chloride based stripper, and then wipe down using Xylene, all the operations had to take place under Atex regulations due to the xylene. The process was slow and the operators had to wear full face masks respirator`s. The operators now place the dirty mixing vessels or smaller container into the work basket of the Rotajet and close the door and start the cycle, the operation is fully automatic and after 15 minutes the operator removes the containers, which then go back into production. Since installing the Rotajet washer, the customer has reported cleaner containers, happier operators and also a reduction in the volume of xylene purchased. Rotajet Systems Limited manufacture a range of machinery used throughout the paint, ink and surface coatings manufactures. The manufacturers tend to use larger machines for washing open top barrel and drums, washing bung top barrels and drums, washing stainless totes and IBC`s and washing smaller pails and buckets. We also supply smaller machines to the end users of the coatings for washing ink pans, washing drums contaminated with paint, washing pails contaminated ink and also washing machines for smaller machinery parts from the coating machines. If you would like further information, regarding, Rotajet aqueous based washing machines or Rotajet`s Atex washing machines, please contact us.