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Solvent parts washers for use in the surface coatings industries

Rotajet Systems manufacture a full range of solvent washing machines, used for cleaning parts and containers in the ink, paint and surface coatings industries. The smaller machines are generally used cleaning washing machine parts, pumps, ink trays etc… The Rotajet solvent washers are fitted with internal sumps in which the cleaning solvent is filtered for reuse, the machines can be fitted with both wash and rinse cycles. The larger solvent washing machines Rotajet manufacture are used for cleaning mixing vessels, drums, barrels, IBC`s and Totes containers. The solvent washers used for cleaning mixing vessels are fitted with wash and rinse cycles, to ensure the mixing vessels have been rinsed with clean solvent prior to reuse.

Rotajet Systems manufacture a range of solvent washing machines, used for cleaning a large variety of machine parts, containers and mixing vessels.

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